Behind every piece of our premium shrimp there is a great story, and we want to share it with you through Blockchain Tecnology.

Get to know the journey of your shrimp, from its birth to your hands, with the most advanced, transparent and secured technology available: Blockchain.

Get to know at what level of sustainability your shrimp was farmed to ensure a safe and healthy product.

Meet the producer who farmed your shrimp and his commitment with excellence, reflected by his dedication, tradition and expertise.



SSP joined the IBM Food Trust ecosystem, a platform that uses blockchain technology to help provide traceability of SSP shrimp from farm to fork and deliver greater accountability and transparency to customers and consumers for every element of SSP’s premium Ecuadorian farmed shrimp production and journey to the consumer plate.

Food Trust enables real-time, end-to-end and immutable traceability data of our shrimp to verify supply chain history. Through this platform, the actors involved in the different stages of our supply chain can upload data about how the shrimp is produced and processed and share it to verify the autheticity of product claims, including confirmation it is antibiotic-free and ASC certified.

The technology is accessible to buyers, retailers and consumers, allowing them to see this data and trace it in every stage so that they can ensure the quality of the shrimp they are acquiring.


We developed a traceability web-application designed especially for consumers, to enable them to access key information on the product and its journey to their plate.

By simply scanning a QR code from the package of SSP BLUE BOX shrimp, in matter of seconds they will get to know where, when, who, and how their shrimp was farmed and processed, and trace it in every stage so they can trust they are buying a premium quality and a safe product.