We are a group of companies sharing one main mission: make aquaculture a successful practice for the world. In order to reach our goal we’ve made a clear and ambitious plan aiming to take the whole sector to its next level.
For a greater future we:
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SSP shrimp’s journey from farm to fork with

Blockchain technology

SSP joined the IBM Food Trust ecosystem, a platform that uses blockchain technology to help provide traceability of SSP shrimp and deliver greater accountability and transparency to customers for every element of SSP’s premium Ecuadorian farmed shrimp production and journey to the consumer plate.

Behind every piece of our premium SSP BLUE BOX shrimp, there is a great story to tell.

Our dedication to the craft of shrimp growing tradition, expertise, and commitment to the health of the animals, results in exceptional taste, texture, and health properties.

From its birth to your hands, our shrimp is raised with care for those who care.

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Shrimp farmed in the most natural & sustainable way

As SSP members we are committed to achieving and promoting the highest environmental and social standards. To document our performance and demonstrate accountability against our commitments, the SSP has outlined strict product criteria all members must meet:

ASC Certified

The most demanding
and objective of all
certification programmes


Ensuring zero use of
antibiotics across the
production cycle

100% traceable under Blockchain Technology

Provide essential
information on the
journey from farm to fork

Neutral Impact On Water

Implementing best-practices, ensuring water leaving farms
maintains its original quality

Shaping the future of shrimp aquaculture

By working in collaboration with other companies, NGOs and stakeholders, together we aim to support industry-wide improvements in social and environmental performance and elevate the whole industry to the next level in sustainable practices and provide consumers with the highest quality products.

Join those changing the future of shrimp aquaculture
Achieving our vision for the sustainable future of shrimp aquaculture involves engaging more small and mid-sized farms in working towards the highest levels of environmental and social performance in order to produce the highest quality shrimp. By including more farms and regions into the SSP program we hope the raise the performance of the sector as a whole.
The best food is the food you can trust
SSP aims to create differentiation in global seafood markets so that consumers can easily find and choose shrimp products produced to the highest environmental and social standards. We believe in producing high quality shrimp – farmed by people who care, for people who care.

Sustainable Shrimp Partnership is committed to environmental and social responsibility.

Blockchain technology

Under this vision, SSP farms cultivate shrimp in harmony with nature, providing special care in every step of the production process so the animal can grow, and develop unique characteristics, just as its natural habitat. These conditions allow free-swimming, avoiding animal stress and reducing the risk of disease transmissions.

Bringing wellbeing to workers, providing regulated jobs, fair salaries and benefits for them and their families is also our priority, as well as helping on the development of local communities.

SSP and its farms have managed to give more than 20,000 jobs. Many of them currently live on this economic livelihood and as a result, their quality of life and economic condition have improved.

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GSSI Welcomes SSP

GSSI Welcomes SSP The Global Sustainable Seafood Initiative is pleased to announce that the Sustainable