Litchi Shrimp Balls  荔枝虾球

2 – 3 servings

8 – 10 minutes

10 minutes

Yield: 2 – 3 servings
Time: 10 minutes


250g SSP white shrimp 250g (medium-sized)

50g Bacon

15g sliced green onion

15g sliced ginger

1 egg white

100g crispy granules (脆花粒)

300g oil

10g salt

15g white pepper powder

Decorative leaves


Step 1
Peel and remove the heads of the shrimp, then carefully extract the shrimp meat. Finely chop the shrimp meat and set aside.

Step 2
Finely chop the bacon and also set aside.

Step 3
Soak the onion and ginger slices in hot water until they soften. Then, infuse them to obtain a liquid of onion and ginger. Reserve this liquid.

Step 4
In a bowl, mix the chopped shrimp meat and chopped bacon. Add the onion and ginger liquid, egg white, salt, and white pepper. Mix well until the mixture becomes homogeneous and has a consistent texture.

Step 5
Next, take portions of the mixture and shape them into round balls. Cover the balls with the crispy granules (脆花粒), pressing lightly to adhere.

Step 6
Heat oil in a pan until it reaches a temperature of about 180°C (350°F). Carefully place the shrimp balls in the hot oil and fry them until they are golden and cooked inside. Remove with a slotted spoon and let excess oil drain on paper towels.

Step 7

Place the crispy shrimp balls on a plate and decorate according to your preference. Ready to enjoy!